Transfer Learning in RL

From My BSc. Project


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My BSc thesis under the supervision of Prof. Rabiee was about Applications of Transfer Learning in Reinforcement Learning.

Throughout my research on self-driving cars (SDV), I was impressed by the reinforcement learning algorithms’ effect on SDV, but these algorithms heavily rely on expensive sensors like LiDAR, multi-camera, and 3d-camera, etc. which is conducive to the high price of such vehicles these days. Therefore, I was inclined to avoid the collisions only with the help of a single camera (monocular image) and high-level feature extractor.

Moreover, in this thesis, I have tried to train in a simulator to minimize real-world collision due to such systems’ criticality and deployed transfer learning methods to handle distribution shifts between simulation and real-world images.

Amir-Hossein Shahidzadeh
Amir-Hossein Shahidzadeh
PhD Student

My research is at the intersection of Robot Perception and Reinforcement Learning.